I question vociferously. I embrace ambiguous problems because they always seem to have the most interesting answers. I understand the difference between giving up and being defeated. I lose sorely. Everything I need to survive I can hold on my person and still have both hands free.

Given only two options, I choose a third. If one doesn't exist, I make it myself. I hear wisdom in the chatter of children; I am amused by the banter of well-informed adults. I take everything with a grain of salt, two teaspoons of sugar, and a dash of red pepper. With confusion comes clarity, but only if realize I am lost. I do not enjoy solving problems; I enjoy curtailing their ascendance to relevancy.
I criticize objectively and constructively. Often. I will not take your word for it. I don't particularly care what they say. I do not play by the playground rules. When I was six I climbed higher than I was supposed to. As my teachers predicted, I fell. Whenever I am about to tackle something difficult, I feel the scar on my forehead and remember to be more careful. I listen to authority, even if I don't always obey it. When I was young I hated mushrooms and onions. Now I eat them with a passion. I called my mother just to tell her this epiphany. Many people are smarter than I am, but I am smart enough to know that. I prefer loud ties. My belt and shoes always match. I don't wear white socks with a suit. I don't wear white socks ever. I can be your best friend and your worst enemy. I have a bad temper, but it doesn't stop me from methodically proving myself right. I accept apologies and challenges the same way: with a smile. I care. I embrace technology. I know my computer isn't smarter than I am, it's just better at doing what it's told. I read the letter of the law. I act in its spirit. I've tried lying to get what I wanted. It's never worked. I regret not reading as much as I was supposed to. I remember the past. I look to the future. I don't have an agenda. I am relevant. I make a difference. I beat the odds. I affect change.

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